This double-pinch ring roller lets you tackle large production runs with confidence and ease. The R-CNC80 can bend a vast range of profiles and take on complex extrusions.

  • Runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Handles a capacity of up to 4" round tube and 2.5” schedule 40 pipe.
  • Double-pinch design includes 3 driven, variable-speed rolls: 4 speeds for top roll, 2 speeds for bottom rolls.
  • You can specify progressive (moving profile) or direct (profile stopped) top roll movement.
  • Use the machine vertical position or lay it on its back in horizontal mode to bend long material and prevent large parts from swinging overhead.
  • X-axis encoder lets you program the desired material length. The machine will automatically feed to the appropriate distance.
  • X-axis coordinates with Y-axis to facilitate smooth transitions between bends.
  • Internal memory holds 40 programs of up to 24 parts or segments per program.
  • Quickly specify any of 75 profile calibrations with handheld digital measuring console.
  • Comes standard with set of tooling for rolling square tube, flat bar, solid material, angle iron, and more applications.
  • Electro-welded steel framework enables the machine to roll pipe at full capacity for years without flexing or buckling.

Why choose the R-CNC80 over similar machines?

  • The R-CNC80 maintains accuracy with rugged, heavy steel plate construction that few roll benders on the market can match.
  • This ring roller incorporates components made by some of the industry’s top manufacturers, such as Rexroth and Schneider Electric.
  • X and Y axes give you the option to attach and save part numbers for each bend program, increasing efficiency for production runs.
  • You can control all functions at once from the controller podium with attached foot pedal.


Item Number R-CNC80

Country of Manufacture Portugal

Driven Rolls 3

Roll Adjustment Hydraulic

Pipe Capacity Size: 3" (sch. 40) / Min. Dia.: 64"

Round Tube Capacity Size: 4" (.075") / Min. Dia.: 68"

Square Tube Capacity Size: 3.15" (.157")

Flat Bar Easy Way Size: 5" (.75") / Min. Dia. 38"

Flat Bar Hard Way Size: 4.5" (.50") / Min. Dia.: 42"

Angle Iron Capacity Size: 2.75" (.375") / Min. Dia.: 36"

Shaft Diameter 2.55"

Shaft Center Distance Adj. (lower rolls)

Upper Roll Dia. 6.693"

Lower Roll Dia. 6.693"

Motor 5.3 hp

Pinch Single with Interchangeable Bottom Rolls

Digital Readout Yes

Power 220V 3- phase

Shipping Weight 1191 lbs.

Dimensions L x W x H 59" x 40" x 66"

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